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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Truckee Growth & Development

Well you probably wouldn't expect a dog to talk about the development that is going on in our town of Truckee, but Mom is thinking of buying a lot on the Truckee River to save a place:

"The full-time population of Truckee has grown faster than the state average, adding approximately 5,000 residents in 10 years. Truckee's population is expected to hit 25,000 in 20 years, but with the current rate of growth, that figure could be met by 2015.

Officials expect the population to grow due to a number of factors including development and second homeowners moving into their Truckee homes full-time. "

Our realtor clients will be needing lots of help with this sort of development. We can't wait. We think we'll need to see if DaveN can help us as Google is ignoring our spam complaints.

On another note, Dad bought his Squaw Valley Ski pass at the early bird rate. We are thinking that we should invest in one of the condos at the village in Squaw Valley. Could be some good profits in that.


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