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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mom broke our Blog

Sam here! In trying to integrate the xml feed into our blog, Mom broke the blog. She is going to try and add it again this week, but with all the c#$p going on about links, she is still upset. Especially today when one of her clients was upset because they #3 on Google for their selected search term. She told them that the site above them was doing bad things and she would report them to Google.

Has anyone thought about doing some skiing this winter? Well my husband has and we are getting that damn pass again. They are starting to resell the Village at Squaw valley condominiums. We are seeing 1 bedroom 1 bath condos selling at $450,000 right at the base of Squaw Valley. They are ski in / ski out. I think that is quite the deal.

My mom said her neck is hurting from talking on the phone and typing at the same time. If anyone has any info on how to integrate the xml onto our sidebar at the left can you please let us know. She's getting a little pissy that she can't get it to work. Well she only spent 5 mins on it, but then did break the blog for 2 days...............


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