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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Links, Google & Matt Cutts

Beth said Dogs weren't allowed at SES San Jose so we went over to our dog sitters house and played and hiked for 3 days straight.

She came home on Thursday and said that SES San Jose was fairly insiteful. She said she spent the whole day in the same conference room listening to people lie about links and talking about being natural.

Our Daddy, Paul, a famous Tahoe Area Mountain Biking & Hiking Guide, didn't know what she was talking about.

HOW COULD OUR FAVORITE SEARCH ENGINE LIE TO US ABOUT LINKS. We thought it was fairly unique situation when you have Patrick Gavin selling text link ads in one session and the next session Matt Cutts says buying links is unnatural and can red flag Google and devalue the links.

Beth went to the Google Engineer meet & Greet at the Google dance party and she said she asked Matt why when you search for "lake tahoe real estate" all the sites listed on the first page are portals and the realtor sites have tons of links and wow those realtor sites have some very bad links including porn, webrings and every other type of cr*p link you could think of. He said it was a very big mountain and maybe to try for something else and something about Mom & Pop sites having trouble ranking. Well my Mom sounded kindof upset. She didn't think her clients were Mom & Pop sites considering that their brokerages sell only
3 - 60 Million $ Lake Tahoe properties.

Lake Tahoe is the Bay Area's premiere destination playground. Selling properties to people like Tiger Woods, the head of MSN, clients are constantly being interviewed by the NY Times, etc. etc.....

She was confused as to why Google and all those panel people, were saying that it is all about the quality of links and that it isn't about the number of links.

Time for some kibble and nice long hike and swimming on this very big mountain. Thanks Matt from Mommy and BTW nofollow doesn't work on my blog - thank god!!


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