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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I thought is was a girl thing

Well Mom has been laughing away at the computer today. She says she thought girlz just ranted and raved, but she's seen alot of Big Boyz having little fits too funny!! Then she listened to the Daily SearchCast #9 and heard Mr. Sullivan talking about his little fit about that dumb size frenzy.

Mom has lots of fits. She really don't like it when we tear up and poop in the house, but she is nice to take us running and swimming every day.

It's weird sometimes she spends hours not working, but I think she is doing something on the computer. She was trying to explain it to me, but I am confused. She said she will open the internet up and go to some places she likes and then Wow she is shopping again. Sometimes she just reads and types very very fast. Then the phone rings and she just stares at it till it stops and then back to more searching. She says the internet sends her into a Tangential space, jumping from one thing to the next, many many times unrelated in any way. But what about the clients and the work, I asked her? She said she hired some snowboarders to do that so she could spend her time getting SIDETRACKED on the internet.

This is how her day went. She opened up her email and she found herself signing up for an affiliate program; opened up the rss reader and found herself listening to SearchCast #9 via Itunes (odd she didn't purchase any music in the middle of that tangent - that would have made it a double tangent of sorts), then she started typing about the interesting news out there and sent a bunch of emails out to clients about it all. I think she did schedule a conference call, but I know when she opened her bill and saw that they raised her credit limit she started looking at fall sweaters (the enlarged image of the sweater she liked froze the computer so there was a slight temporary tangent there too). Then she got a voicemail from our pet sitter who said she could watch us and she started looking at a spa resort to go to with Daddy. One of her realtor clients gave her a gift certicate. Then an idea, send that realtor a little note about getting more links. Next thing you know, she's frantically running 10-15 different programs on her computer and it goes on and on .... oohps one more tangent after looking at the hotel, she thought that was such a good lunch at with those interesting people from SES. She said we'll have to start cooking meals like that at home, so now she's searching recipies and she hates to cook.

Weren't we talking about Boyz and Girlz - jeeez!


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