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Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Rant

Sam here - Mom has been typing like crazy today. She got lots of new work this week. She said all she is going to do is research and sales and try and have the snowboard crew do some of the other stuff. Anyway, I think she is planning to work every weekend until her and Dad go back to the Yucatan. Two nights at the Royal Hideaway this time, then Club Maeva Tulum a great resort located on Xpu Ha beach. The food is good and I think they are going to have a little ocean view. She said to say that if anyone is reading this blog, you may want to consider visiting Tahoe in September when it is less crowded and you get that nice pine scent from all the beautiful trees. Lots of outdoor activities and Dad can take you on a mountain biking tour or hiking all over the lake. Really cool hikes and biking for all experience levels. You may want to think about it. Anyway, they are making a fancy dinner tonight and going to shopping and to sushi tomorrow. May hit a casino, just for the heck of it. Signing off. ~Sammyb


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