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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Survey: Who's Top Dog of Search

With all the survey's related to search going on, we thought we must do something. So last night, in about 15 minutes, we came up with the survey, Is Sam the Top Dog of Search? We really want to know what you think as we plan to publish the results world wide. This, very serious study is headed up by some bad black hat dogs. We might get Grommit in on it as he is bad a**.

More news, our press release has received an award from Mike Grehan. bethabernathy is going to S.F. in the spring to collect the kibble he has awarded us. While, you may have seen me driving my new beemer, I don't drive all that well, I am a dog. My name is Sammyb and I am the Sempo Tahoe the Top Dog of Search, please vote for me.

One other item. We want to publicly announce that we are quitting our day jobs to run Sempo Tahoe and to participate in the padded room at SEW. You may ask, how will you survive on Kibble alone? Well its fairly simple, we do it for the good of search worldwide. And we can survive on kibble, that is the beauty of the Organization, so to speak or bark....


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