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Friday, August 26, 2005

RSS Blew Up My Brain

Sammyb~ here. We have been spending the whole week getting side tracked again. Luckily we have the snowboarders to help. I had to send the RSS reader to the system tray as my brain was starting to explode with all the cool stuff going on. Can't get no work done!

Here is our web tangent for Friday:

1) Muliple notifications sending us to SEW re: O'Reilly
2) Read Bob Massa's blog at TW. Thought this was funny "They Didn't like my joke"
3) Then proceeded to add DaveN.'s xml to our RSS
4) Searched for "tokenizer"
4) Deleted all my spam emails
5) Looking for recipies
6) - Cha Ching
7) Signed up for bill pay
8) Emailed back a jerk client
9) Chased the stick with Will
10) Talked to resort client re: rebuild after hurricane emily
11) keyword research
12) hot and sour soup
13) more keyword research
14) Did some cool stuff with Access - nice reporting - made the keyword research a little less boring
15) looked for our text link ads
16) Rippin post at TW by Andy Hagans
17) email from mr. gavin
18) Fed Exp delivery - Wow those are some knifes
19) Tug of war
20) emailed keyword research w/ a typo - cr**
21) sent the rss to the system tray
22) resent the keyword research
23) emailed a client about her competitors porn
24) back to Andy's stuff
25) heading over to SEW about the unnatural porn collection & o'reillys
26) pissed off at google for lying
27) back from SEW and thank god it is 5 p.m.
28) last email check

signing off ~

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Truckee Growth & Development

Well you probably wouldn't expect a dog to talk about the development that is going on in our town of Truckee, but Mom is thinking of buying a lot on the Truckee River to save a place:

"The full-time population of Truckee has grown faster than the state average, adding approximately 5,000 residents in 10 years. Truckee's population is expected to hit 25,000 in 20 years, but with the current rate of growth, that figure could be met by 2015.

Officials expect the population to grow due to a number of factors including development and second homeowners moving into their Truckee homes full-time. "

Our realtor clients will be needing lots of help with this sort of development. We can't wait. We think we'll need to see if DaveN can help us as Google is ignoring our spam complaints.

On another note, Dad bought his Squaw Valley Ski pass at the early bird rate. We are thinking that we should invest in one of the condos at the village in Squaw Valley. Could be some good profits in that.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mom broke our Blog

Sam here! In trying to integrate the xml feed into our blog, Mom broke the blog. She is going to try and add it again this week, but with all the c#$p going on about links, she is still upset. Especially today when one of her clients was upset because they #3 on Google for their selected search term. She told them that the site above them was doing bad things and she would report them to Google.

Has anyone thought about doing some skiing this winter? Well my husband has and we are getting that damn pass again. They are starting to resell the Village at Squaw valley condominiums. We are seeing 1 bedroom 1 bath condos selling at $450,000 right at the base of Squaw Valley. They are ski in / ski out. I think that is quite the deal.

My mom said her neck is hurting from talking on the phone and typing at the same time. If anyone has any info on how to integrate the xml onto our sidebar at the left can you please let us know. She's getting a little pissy that she can't get it to work. Well she only spent 5 mins on it, but then did break the blog for 2 days...............

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Pounding Headache

Mom spent the day doing keyword research for a client she thinks is going to try and steal her business, so she had to re-type everything so her report was very cryptic. I guess if the client did end up opening a SEO division, she could take them to court? She's doing 5 projects for them at a very reduced rate. We'll see what happens. They are pretty thrifty, so maybe she should back out of it. We will see. ~Sammyb

Friday, August 19, 2005

Friday Rant

Sam here - Mom has been typing like crazy today. She got lots of new work this week. She said all she is going to do is research and sales and try and have the snowboard crew do some of the other stuff. Anyway, I think she is planning to work every weekend until her and Dad go back to the Yucatan. Two nights at the Royal Hideaway this time, then Club Maeva Tulum a great resort located on Xpu Ha beach. The food is good and I think they are going to have a little ocean view. She said to say that if anyone is reading this blog, you may want to consider visiting Tahoe in September when it is less crowded and you get that nice pine scent from all the beautiful trees. Lots of outdoor activities and Dad can take you on a mountain biking tour or hiking all over the lake. Really cool hikes and biking for all experience levels. You may want to think about it. Anyway, they are making a fancy dinner tonight and going to shopping and to sushi tomorrow. May hit a casino, just for the heck of it. Signing off. ~Sammyb

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

I thought is was a girl thing

Well Mom has been laughing away at the computer today. She says she thought girlz just ranted and raved, but she's seen alot of Big Boyz having little fits too funny!! Then she listened to the Daily SearchCast #9 and heard Mr. Sullivan talking about his little fit about that dumb size frenzy.

Mom has lots of fits. She really don't like it when we tear up and poop in the house, but she is nice to take us running and swimming every day.

It's weird sometimes she spends hours not working, but I think she is doing something on the computer. She was trying to explain it to me, but I am confused. She said she will open the internet up and go to some places she likes and then Wow she is shopping again. Sometimes she just reads and types very very fast. Then the phone rings and she just stares at it till it stops and then back to more searching. She says the internet sends her into a Tangential space, jumping from one thing to the next, many many times unrelated in any way. But what about the clients and the work, I asked her? She said she hired some snowboarders to do that so she could spend her time getting SIDETRACKED on the internet.

This is how her day went. She opened up her email and she found herself signing up for an affiliate program; opened up the rss reader and found herself listening to SearchCast #9 via Itunes (odd she didn't purchase any music in the middle of that tangent - that would have made it a double tangent of sorts), then she started typing about the interesting news out there and sent a bunch of emails out to clients about it all. I think she did schedule a conference call, but I know when she opened her bill and saw that they raised her credit limit she started looking at fall sweaters (the enlarged image of the sweater she liked froze the computer so there was a slight temporary tangent there too). Then she got a voicemail from our pet sitter who said she could watch us and she started looking at a spa resort to go to with Daddy. One of her realtor clients gave her a gift certicate. Then an idea, send that realtor a little note about getting more links. Next thing you know, she's frantically running 10-15 different programs on her computer and it goes on and on .... oohps one more tangent after looking at the hotel, she thought that was such a good lunch at with those interesting people from SES. She said we'll have to start cooking meals like that at home, so now she's searching recipies and she hates to cook.

Weren't we talking about Boyz and Girlz - jeeez!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Well the vet came by today and brought us our special dog kibble. bethabernathy seems obsessed with the internet, but she has alot of very happy clients. She did take us on a nice long run along the Truckee River. Willy ran off 2 miles yesterday and she wasn't too happy about that. I think she might have used the F word.

I know she is upset with Google about links or something because I heard her talking to Patrick Gavin on the phone today. She said that was the best part of SES short of meeting Mike Grehan, who she said, has a pretty cool accent.

More about animals at Ian's place. We love monkeys too